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Meet Our Staff

Website-Dale Stiles
Pastor Dale Stiles
Lead Pastor

Website-Darla Goble
Darla Goble
Director of Children's & Family Ministry

Website-Chad Larson
Chad Larson
Director of Youth & Family Ministry

Website-Jane Gay
Jane Gay
Worship Coordinator
and Organist

Stacy Meyer
Stacy Meyer
Parish Nurse

Website-Alicia Bauer
Alicia Bauer

Website-Kathy Newton
Kathy Newton
Office Administrator

Website-Jon Burke
Jon Burke
Building Maintenance Manager

Website-Michael Bloem
Michael Bloem
Director - Kingdom Choir,
Liturgical Choir, and Orchestra

Marlene Lentz
Bell Choir Director

Gillo Madho

Website-Meredith Noggle
Meredith Noggle
Childcare Coordinator

Website-Shannon Goldstein
Shannon Goldstein
LADC Site Director

Find us at: 1616 W. Olive St., Stillwater, MN 55082 | 651.439.5704 |