“Meet Me Here” is God’s invitation to us and our invitation to others. God does meet us where we are in life’s journey. Lives are deeply changed by the impactful ministries through Our Savior’s. New members, visitors and friends are continually drawn to this place of grace. Our church is growing in faith and demonstrating God’s love in tangible ways to the world around us. Through relevant messages and authentic relationships, we meet people exactly where they are on life’s journey. There is a presence of the Holy Spirit that is known and felt throughout this community.

Will you prayerfully answer God’s invitation to a life filled with transformation and generosity? As we answer God’s call, let us also invite others to “meet me here.” The world is longing for meaning, connection, and God’s love.

Rev. Dr. Karna Moskalik
Our Savior’s Lutheran Church, Stillwater, MN

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There is a special presence of God at Our Savior’s. Seasoned members and first-time visitors feel the transformative love of Jesus through OSLC. It is life-giving and life changing to experience God’s love in this church through our relationships with God, others, and our global connections.

“Meet Me Here” is an invitation that God extends to each of us. God invites us into a deeper relationship. We often feel God’s presence in worship, prayer and spiritual practices. The Holy Spirit draws us together in worship as we gather in our building each week. As we are transformed by God’s love, we invite others to meet us here too. We walk alongside them in their journey. This is a community of care and compassion. As we grow deeper in our friendships, we also extend that love of God throughout the world.

Meet God Here: In worship, God meets us where we are. There is a holy hunger inside each of us to discover meaning, connection and peace. God invites us continually to a deepened relationship. Through inspirational worship, music, and prayer, we are in awe of Jesus’ love.

Meet Me Here: Lasting friendships are found at OSLC. Whether you’ve attended for fifty years or fifty minutes, the interactions in this friendly church fulfill a longing for meaningful connections. People of all generations are drawn to the various ministries and programs that fill up our cups to overflow into the world around us.

Meet Others Here: We are invited to visit our mission partners. In the new year, we plan to visit Jamaica and Guatemala. We continue to serve locally in St. Paul, and globally in Tanzania.

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