Mission in Mlafu, Tanzania

Prayer – We pray regularly for our friends in Mlafu and they pray for us.

Presence – We are committed to be present with the people in Mlafu through personal visits, written communication and by welcoming visitors from Tanzania to our church. Several members of our congregation have traveled to Mlafu to be present with them and to build upon our relationship.
Look around our church for a bulletin board with pictures from those visits or look for several woven baskets that the people in Mlafu presented as gifts to our church.

Mlafu friends learning about tablets in 2011

Pastors Nixon and Msigwa visiting from Iringa, Tanzania in 2021

Projects – Every year our church, through our Mission and Outreach Committee, provides funds to the congregation in Mlafu to help them start and complete several projects.

Over the many years of this partnership, we have supported their local work in developing agricultural plots, reforesting efforts, growing avocado trees, purchasing a motorbike for the pastor, building homes for the pastors/evangelists and building worship spaces. We also supported the building of the first water well in the village.

Probably our biggest financial support comes from our members providing secondary school scholarships to students from the Mlafu congregation. Every year we support 30-35 students in continuing their education beyond primary school.

Other education projects that we have supported include building classrooms, establishing a nursing school at the Ilula Hospital, buying textbooks, and providing additional scholarships to post-secondary students and to students from a church that does not have a SPAS partner congregation.

Scholarship students from Mlafu 2021

If you are interested in learning more about our mission work in Mlafu or to get involved, please let the church office know and a member of the African Mission Team will contact you.