Join us for “Meet the Son at FM 100.1”

We will hold a live radio broadcast worship service in our West parking lot next to the CLC each Wednesday at 6:00 pm (NEW TIME!). Think of this as a drive-in movie with liturgy and music. All you need to do is tune your radio to FM 100.1 to hear Pastor Karna and the other worship leaders conduct worship. If you haven’t guessed, this worship service is designed to be a safe way for us to gather in person without spreading COVID-19. Consequently, there are a number of safety and procedure considerations. We will also continue the online worship on Sundays at 9 am.

NOTE: Starting Wednesday, September 2nd, we added an option. Worship participants may choose between sitting in your car and listening in through the radio transmitter, or sitting outside of your car in a chair. This was officially approved by the Resurrection Committee’s Science and Safety Branch and the Board.

1.) When you pull into the West parking lot, stop at the table by the circle round to pick up a bulletin, children’s activity pack and leave your offering.

2.) Bring your own communion elements of bread/crackers and juice.

3.) Park your vehicle in any section of the lot except for the back row closest to the street. The nearby power lines interfere with the radio signal.  NOTE:  If choosing to sit in your chair for service, please park in the lot by the offices and walk over to the blossom parking lot. Those who will stay in cars for the service should park in the 3rd row so those in lawn chairs can sit in front of them for the service. For those in lawn chairs, please sit socially distanced from other households and note that masks are strongly urged.

4.) Park your vehicle with its front end pointing north toward the small hill where the service will be held.

5.) To reduce air pollution, consider turning off your vehicle and open the windows an inch or two for ventilation. If you want to open your windows wider, we strongly urge you to wear face masks to help prevent the spread of infection.

6.) Please remain in your vehicles as the radio transmitter can only be heard through your FM dial.

7.) For safety, the church will remain locked down. No bathrooms will be available, so please plan accordingly. (The service will be about 30 minutes.)

8.) To avoid traffic problems returning to Olive Street after the service, please consider only turning right when exiting the parking lot.

9.) The staff will dismiss vehicles by rows, starting with the front (northern) rows first to avoid traffic jams and pollution from cars idling.

We look forward to having windshield time with you!